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Branch Project Cycle

How we approach each project from inception through completion

Phase 1

Technology Programming

Client Technology Initiatives – Master Planning
During the Technology Programming Phase, we will sit down with you to understand your vision towards technology deployment within your organization. We will extract and align your strategic objectives with internal and external business operations. We want to understand your current standards, preferred technologies, and introduce you to new technologies to make your investment work for you.

  • Understand Client Culture
  • Outline Existing Client Pain Points
  • Analyze the Space to Receive Technology
  • Outline Business Operations & ROI
  • Engage the Company and its Employees

  • Company Survey
  • Preliminary Schematic Diagrams
  • Prepare Project Budget
  • Describe the Functionality within Each Space
  • Propose Minimum & Maximum Recommendations

Phase 2

Schematic Design

Infrastructure – System Service Requirements
During the Schematic Design Phase, we will use the programming report created by all the information extracted and start designing a communication space that works for you. At this phase the project design will start to form, preliminary electrical, telephone, data, conduit service requirements for each space.

  • BTU Calculations
  • Electrical Service Requirement
  • Electrical Service Location
  • Overall Cable diameter
  • Conduit Location

  • Tel/Data Service Requirements
  • Tel/Data Service Location
  • Assign Responsibility to Contractors
  • Initial Coordination
  • Finalize Schematic Diagram

Phase 3

Design Development

Technology System – Location, Coordination, Visualization
During the Design Development Phase, the physical characteristics of the room comes to life. Equipment is located and coordinated in the floor, wall, ceiling and furniture. Fit, Finish, Look, Color is coordinated with the room to provide not only the optimal communication space, but provide the optimal aesthetics. Imagine the possibilities of a room that provides the best possible performance and aesthetics.

  • Preliminary Submittal Package
  • Preliminary Floor & Reflected Ceiling Plans
  • Preliminary Wall Elevations & Sections
  • Preliminary Details
  • Lighting Analysis & Recommendations

  • Acoustical Analysis & Recommendations
  • Space Minimum & Maximum Recommendations
  • Additional Coordination
  • 3D Revit Preview of the spaces

Phase 4

Construction Documents

Infrastructure-Building Design Parameters
At the Construction Document Phase, the physical characteristics of the room are finalized. The Audio and Video communications technology is located within the space. Fit, finish, look and color is approved and coordinated with the design team. Technology construction documents are assembled and prepared to be submitted to the project team. The technology construction documents will compliment the architect’s and engineer set, ensuring that necessary services are accounted for during the bid process.

  • Final Submittals
  • Final Electrical, Tel, Data Service Requirements
  • Final Floor & Reflected Ceiling Plans
  • Final Space Recommendations

  • Final Wall Elevations & Section
  • Final Coordination
  • Final Details
  • Final 3D Revit Preview

Phase 5

AV System RFP Package

Our approach is to develop a comprehensive bid specification program that allows the accurate interpretation of the client’s expectations to be priced accurately. We will develop the RFP documentation package on behalf of the client and remove any representation of consultancy, which will maintain a fair and objective approach in the marketplace.

  • Administrative Bid Documents
  • Bid response Form
  • Request for Qualifications

  • General Conditions
  • Scope of Work and Services
  • GUI Interface with Instructional Expectations

Design Guarantee

We are Committed to Delivering “Designs That Work For You”

We stand behind every design we deliver. Our investment protection provides a guarantee that we will not stamp a standard design that is outdated or missing critical components. We will provide the Branch Technology Design guarantee if for any reason a component is omitted from our design that prevents your communications system from being operational at the time of RFP distribution. We will provide the product missing at no additional cost to the customer. Our team is invested in the quality of our design representation.