Why Work with Branch Technology?

We are passionate individuals assembled to deliver innovative technology solutions that enhances communication environments.

We envision the blend of architecture, technology and room intelligence that will enhance our customers’ ability to interact and collaborate seamlessly aligning culture with the environments human experience. Our solutions will encompass the whole environment as an operating entity to ensure all intelligent devices seamlessly connect to deliver on our promise to “Deliver Exceptional Client Experiences”.

Evidence-Based Design Approach

As innovators, our team is constantly reviewing leading applications that touch the collaborative, communication and building environments that provide a complimentary blend of effective communication platforms. This evidence based design approach affords us the ability to confidently specify the appropriate technology and manufacturer that will support the lifecycle of the client’s investment in technology. We deliver an approach that looks beyond conference room technology to the business practices that supports efficiency and productivity in the environments that fuel the collaborative client communications experience.

We understand that the inspiration of  architecture is as important as technology when it comes to simplifying the engagement of collaborative communications. Our creative engagement process focuses our initial energy in immersing our team in our customer’s culture, allowing us to understand current and future business objectives. The end result delivers environments that are intuitive, intelligent and manageable.

How We Are Different

Typical Technology Consultant:

  • Design based on manufacturer specifications
  • No experience with the nuances of integration, configuration and on-going service
  • Bid package includes consultants name, thereby introducing bias
  • Specify products to remain relevant with manufacturers
  • Design does not take into account the full array of touch points
  • Limited service offering

Branch Technology Design

  • Evidence-based design
  • Extensive real-world experience with integration, programming and support
  • Bid package can be agnostic to eliminate bias from bidders
  • Specify products based on best overall value in terms of function, reliability and manufacturer support
  • Design considers human, network, space and building touch points
  • Comprehensive service offering

Project Touch Points

  • Human

    The Human touch point takes into account workflows, ergonomics and perception when designing solutions that impact how people work and feel.

  • Network

    The Network touch point considers the details of integrating reliable solutions, and UC platforms that will work in the specific network and security architecture of the organization.

  • Space

    The Space touch point carefully considers all characteristics of the individual spaces including elements such as acoustics, privacy and lighting.

  • Building

    The Building touch point looks at other key elements to deliver successful project outcomes, such as environmental, security, monitoring and management.

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